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Tallit - Blue Striped Tallit with Matching Bag and Blue Kippa

This set of tallit, tallit bag and kippa is all white except for the kippah that is dark blue. The tallit and tallit bag are decorated with dark blue stripes that are also decorated with a floral pattern in silver. The kippa is decorated with the same silver floral design. The tallit bag has to stripes, the top of which is decorated with the floral design. The tallit has three stripes and the middle one contains the design. The Tallit also has an impressive blue neckband with the Hebrew blessing over the tallit in silver. The blessing is: "asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu lehitatef betzitzit". In this blessing we bless G-d for blessing and sanctifying us by the act of putting on the tallit.

Jewish men adorn themselves with tallit during prayer to remember the Mitzvah of tzitzit. One of the commandments upon men is the wearing of Tzitzit on each of the edges of a four cornered garment. In the fact, the wearing of Tzitzit is one of the first commandments a boy performs in his lifetime with many children as young as three wearing Tzitzit. The commandment of wearing Tzitzit appears in the Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy.
Material Cloth
Dimensions 20"x75"
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Tallit - Blue Striped Tallit with Matching Bag and Blue Kippa

This beautiful Yair Emanuel set of tallit, tallit bag and kippa are decorated with a classic floral silver pattern. The tallit and tallit bag are both white and decorated with dark blue stripes.The kippa is dark blue with a silver and blue floral embroidery.
Wear This tallit in shul for a family Simcha!